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Liner Notes for "Seasons of Love" CD


Besame Mucho

Music and Lyrics by Consuelo Velazquez

This is definitely a long hot summer night song. Literally translated, this romantic love song’s message is simply "to kiss and to kiss as if this was our last night together". This song has been around for ages and recorded by just about every singer. I had a good recording experience on this one. I hope you enjoy my version of it. My inspiration came from remembering a fun and hot summer romance I had some time ago. I’m not sure about anybody else… but I ALWAYS remember the good kissers.

Acoustic Guitar: Mark Cruz
Percussion arrangement: Rick DeLellis
Bongos and Clave: John Dupnik


Someone to Watch Over Me

Music and Lyrics by George and Ira Gershwin

There are a couple of Gershwin tunes I really love. This was one of the first songs I recorded for "Seasons". I kept envisioning a cello playing evocatively in the background. "There’s a somebody I’m longing to see. I hope that he turns out to be… Someone who’ll watch over me". Now…"follow my lead,.. oh, how I need… Someone to watch over me". I’m sure everyone would like or maybe already has that special someone… that one incredible person that makes you feel wanted, loved and desired. I dedicate this to all the hopeless romantics out there.

Cello: Brian Standefer



Music and Lyrics by Irving Gordon

I had already recorded this song when I received a call that a wonderful person in my life had passed on. I went back into the studio and re-recorded the song and this time it took on a new meaning. Sometimes we’re very fortunate to have had extraordinary individuals touch our lives in a positive and loving way. My cousin Bea was one of these people. She was always very supportive of my music and she will always remain "unforgettable" to me and the rest of my family. The musicians that worked with me on this cut really know to make a guy feel unworthy…listen to the lush sax and strings…it gave me goose bumps when I heard the final version. I hope you dig it. This is for you Bea…

Saxophone: Stephen Beasley
String Arrangement: Kris Nilsen


The Way of Love

Music and Lyrics by Jack Dieval and Al Stillman

Ever since I heard this song back in the late 70’s (now, I really am dating myself) I have loved it. It’s a simple, but personal story of unrequited love. It happened to me on more than one occasion, but the last time it did…boy, did it hurt. When I first heard Patti Clawson Berry sing, I knew nothing about her extensive musical background. What I did know was that she possessed a gorgeous voice and the raw emotion that I envisioned for my version of "The Way of Love". Wonderfully dramatic as sung in both English and Spanish, it is one of my very favorite cuts on the CD.

Guest Vocals: Patti Clawson Berry
String Arrangement: Kris Nilsen
Spanish Lyric Translation: Luis Ortiz


As Long As He Needs Me (from "Oliver")

Music and Lyrics by Lionel Bart

I was 10 years old when I first saw the film "Oliver". Even though It’s sort of a tragic song in the film, I’d like to think of it as a song of love, hope and here’s to… whatever the future holds. This is another timeless classic that will always be included in my ever expanding musical repertoire. The incredibly beautiful and expressive violin of Javier Chaparro accompanies me.

To JB…thanks for the wonderful journey so far…this is for you.

Violin: Javier Chaparro


The Look of Love

Music & Lyrics by Burt Bacharach and Hal David

A classic Burt Bacharach torch song. "The look of love is in your eyes, your face…a look that time can’t erase….the look of love is saying so much more than just words can ever say…" I love that key line in the song. I’m a big believer that you can truly say so much by the way you look at someone. I try and practice what I preach…(smile). So turn out the lights and chill for a moment. My man, Stephen Beasley did a killer sax part on this cut. I hope you like this rendition.

Saxophone: Stephen Beasley
Bongos and Shaker: John Dupnik


‘Til There Was You (from "The Music Man")

Music and Lyrics by Meredith Wilson

This song came to my attention as I was looking for material for this project. It’s a song I had heard before, but had never performed. The more I worked on the arrangement, the more it touched me. I read over the lyrics and kept going back to this part… "there was music and there was love all around, but I never heard it… No… I never heard it at all…’til there was you." Wonderful memories immediately started to fill my head. I mean…who ever forgets their first love, right? Hmmmm….

Saxophone: Stephen Beasley
String Arrangement: Kris Nilsen


Dormir Contigo

Music and Lyrics by Armando Manzanero

Composer Armando Manzanero has the ability to write expressive melodies and lyrics in Spanish. He continues to amaze me in his compositions. Two of his songs are represented on this CD. The first, "Dormir Contigo" which translated means…"To Lie With You". I fell for this romantic piece the moment I heard it. "To lie with you is the most direct road to paradise, to feel your dreams… while I caress your soul". If you couldn’t tell by now - I am a hopeless romantic. My good friend Luis Ortiz performs this selection while a cozy cello and simple string arrangement completes the piece. Para todos ustedes …"for all of you"…

Guest Vocals: Luis Ortiz
Cello: Brian Standefer
String Arrangement: John Thomason


A Day In The Life Of A Fool ("Manha de Carnaval")

Music and Lyrics by Luiz Bonfa and Carl Sigman

This was supposed to be the final track for this session. I had already chosen and recorded an entirely different song, before I realized it just wasn’t going to work. This is a classic Brazilian tune. I tried something different on this arrangement - I performed it on a Rhodes piano. The guitar and congas really gives it a new dimension. I hope you enjoy it.

Guitar: Mark Cruz
Triangle: Rick DeLellis
Congas: John Dupnik


I Just Had To Hear Your Voice Again

Music and Lyrics by Jud Friedman and Allan Rich

I heard R&B singer Oleta Adams perform "Voice" on an earlier CD of hers. I liked it immediately and made a mental note of the song for future reference. The fact that it was written in a lower key made it sound richer and more interesting to me. I decided on an arrangement for piano and cello that I knew would complement each other. Since you can’t hear the words, here’s a sample of the lyric…"I know you thought it best that we spend a little time apart, but one night without you is too much for my heart…I know I promised not to call…sorry… I didn’t have a choice…I just had to hear your voice again…". I’ve been there…and definitely done that…

Cello: Brian Standefer


Esta Tarde Vi Llover (Yesterday I Heard The Rain)

Music and Lyrics by Armando Manzanero

The second of Señor Manzanero’s songs is from the late 60’s. I had a song about rain on my last CD. There is a definite connection between a wonderful rainstorm and romance. I learned from my last CD that in order to enhance a song you need exceptional musicians. Peruvian violinist, Javier Chaparro brought such a beautiful tenderness to this selection. I was fortunate that he played an exquisite instrument that was designed and hand made in Bologna, Italy in the year 1690. The Tononi violin is in the same league in value and in sound quality as the famous Stradivarius violin. I am honored and thrilled to have this world class instrument on two selections and to be able to work with Javier again.

Violin: Javier Chaparro
Guitar: Mark Cruz


Someone That I Used To Love

Music and Lyrics by Michael Masser and Gerry Goffin

When you have been through all the drama and you know it’s over. You really tried the best you could to make it work, but it was just not meant to be. For those of you who have never been in a bad relationship… peace to you. For those of you who have… believe me when I say, I was there. I, like so many, had to go through it to get to the place I am in today. Recording this song was a cathartic experience. Felicia, thank you for the gift of your beautiful voice and enduring friendship.

Guest Vocals: Felicia Hernandez
String Arrangement: Kris Nilsen



First of all, thanks to my heavenly father from whom all my blessings flow. I have been very fortunate to have the support of so many people -- my dear and loving family (whom I hold close to my heart) and my good friends (you know who you are).

My very special thanks to Felicia Hernandez, Patti Clawson Berry and Luis Ortiz for sharing your wonderful voices with me and the universe. To my musicians; Kris, Johnny T, Stephen, Brian, Mark, John and Javier -- it was a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you all for giving me your best!

To Rick DeLellis, my talented and amazing recording engineer ; this is our second project together . Who knew I had another CD in me? Our friendship has solidified and you have helped me achieve another milestone in my life. Thank you…


Additional thanks to the following friends/ financial supporters:

Nick Georgopoulos, Luis Ortiz, and Joe Barry

Until next time…


Produced by Aaron Flores


Recorded and remixed by
Rick DeLellis at Figment Studios, Austin, TX

Mastered at Terranova Studios, Austin, TX

Cover, inside panel and back cover photos: Ha Lam Photography, Austin, TX

Hair Stylist: Victor Dixon - Victor’s Hair Salon, Austin, TX

Graphic Design: Grady Lucas

Website Design: John Thomason